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The morning sun shone brightly on this new day, its rays broken up by the blinds on the window and separately falling across the form of the sleeping Shinigami. One rogue beam of light managed to land perfectly across her eyes, rousing her from her slumber. Her eyes opened, seeing a room she was not at all familiar with. Its aesthetics were pretty simple, like a bedroom that no one actually lived in or designed around some personal design style, although quite a bit larger than the average bedroom. It was similar, though distinctly different, to the guest bedrooms in the Kuchiki estate, in fact. They were more for show than actual use, just so that the noble estate could be as large and grand as it was. "I'm glad to see you're awake, Ms. Kuchiki," came a gentle voice, to the side of the young Shinigami. Rukia was quite startled by the presence of another person, she had yet to even think about the various reiatsu that were ambient around her, even the one that was just a few feet from her. She turned to see the face of Retsu Unohana, her stance as calm yet graceful as it always seemed to be. She was wearing a pale lavender robe that looked a bit worn, as if it was past its prime, which Rukia found odd considering the graceful appearance Unohana tended to display.

Rukia's memories were a bit fuzzy, she had no idea where she was or why Captain Unohana was here with her, but obviously something had happened to her. She clearly was not in the hospital, not even the wings reserved for the powerful or rich were as nice like this, plus there was no medical equipment of any kind that she could see. She sat up in the bed in which she was lying, allowing the top of the blanket to fall into her lap. She seemed to be wearing a plain white t-shirt, about a size too large but close enough to not be comically oversized. However, that is not what concerned the most. As she sat up, she felt an odd texture against the flesh of her lower regions. With a quick movement, she slipped her hand under the covers and brushed against the garment she felt within.

The blankets were cast aside immediately, confirming the girl's fears. The odd item she felt was not the pair of underwear she had been wearing at the last moment of memory, a pink pair adorned with Chappy the bunny, nor was it any of the pairs that she owned; it was an incontinence brief, one of the more discreet ones that had to be pulled on as opposed to taped, but an incontinence garment nonetheless. It was thankfully unused, but that was not exactly something she usually had to be thankful for, so she turned towards Unohana and gave her a look that asked the question much better than she could have with her words. "Ah yes, I'm sorry but that was quite necessary. You had already ruined your clothes as well as my other, favorite bathrobe; I wished to prevent the same thing from happening to my guest bed." Unohana answered, as if it was just a simple answer to a normal question.

Rukia's memory immediately kicked into gear at that description; her training, her fatigue, her stubbornness and eventually, the appearance of Unohana before she eventually fell and passed out. It was utterly embarrassing that on top of all that, she had apparently relieved her bladder in the arms of the female Captain during her blackout. She had not stopped for a bathroom break during her long training, so it made sense that her bladder had been so full, but it was still embarrassing. She was not exactly fond that she had been naked in the presence of the older Shinigami, either, but at least was a doctor and thus it was not foreign to her. It was better than many others doing the same and seeing and helping her in that state, in any case. "You have not…relieved yourself since you blacked out, if that makes you feel better about your current outfit."

It did, a bit, she supposed, but not to any significant degree. It did make her realize that her bladder was quite full at the moment, but she stayed quiet for now as it was not too overwhelming. "I-I'm sorry I ruined your bathrobe…" Rukia muttered, blushing at the thought of what she was foolishly apologizing for. "Do not worry about it, Ms. Kuchiki, your health is much more important." Retsu replied with a calm smile on her face, "On that note, however, it has been almost thirty-six hours since you passed out and, while I am sure your lack of further relief is considered good news to you, to me it signals a lack of hydration in what lead up to the fatigued state I found you in." Rukia bit her lip at those words, recognizing how foolhardy her own actions were. How was she supposed to explain what she had been doing without looking like an idiot to Unohana? She felt her attempt at training was necessary, even if she had perhaps taken it too far, but there was no way that Retsu would understand that, she would just view it as foolish and scold her for it.

Rukia looked up at the woman to try to think of some excuse that would explain away the situation, but upon the sight of the older woman's face, her words failed her. Her eyes were digging into her own, like a tractor beam for the truth that Rukia was trying to hide. The younger Shinigami could only open her mouth and release the truth from within in the presence of that look. "I…was trying to train…train to unlock my bankai." Rukia began, unable to stop herself, "I suppose I overdid it, but I have to get stronger…" Silence seemed to permeate the room, making every second feel like an hour while Rukia waited for the stern woman's response to her foolish explanation. "I see…" Came Unohana's simple response moments later, terrifying Rukia even more than she had been before. While the words themselves held little value or meaning, it was how they were said that truly scared the poor Reaper. Hidden in the tone of Retsu's voice was anger at what she had heard, anger easy to notice yet at the same time hidden in the tone and inflection instead of outright pouring forth.

Unohana pursed her lips as she finally continued speaking after what seemed like an eternity's delay. "So you felt that training yourself to the bone was the best way to get stronger?" Rukia knew not to open her mouth to answer that question; it was better to sit there on the bed feeling like an inch tall while she was berated for her actions. "I do not know what world it is you live in, but here, death does not equate to more power." Rukia could almost feel herself sinking into the ground as Retsu piled her verbal scolding onto her, like a puppy that needed to be whapped on the nose with the newspaper a few more times. "Well, do you have anything to say for yourself? I believe I deserve at least an explanation for your carelessness after I saved your life and had my favorite robe ruined." Unohana's eyes bore into Rukia as if they were diamond-tipped drills, demanding an answer from the petite Shinigami. "I-I…I have to be able to protect myself…and my friends, now that we can't rely on…" Rukia did not want to finish her sentence, hoping it was enough to at least satisfy the stern woman.

A sigh was released from Unohana's lips; she understood where Rukia was coming from, she truly did, but the method at which she tried to go about getting stronger was entirely reckless and more likely to weaken her than make her stronger, if not outright lead to sickness or death. She had to do something to let the young woman know of those consequences, as she recognized now that even coming this close to death had not deterred Rukia from her goal, just made her feel self-conscious for getting caught and having to be saved. "C-can I please have something else to change into?" Rukia's request interrupted Retsu from her thoughts, "And I'd like to use the restroom, please." Rukia hated that she had to ask for that second part, even though she would have had to do it anyway had she been a regular guest at her home; the garment she was wearing made her self-conscious of having to ask about using the lavatory, despite being a precaution that had gone thankfully unused. She would have only asked about the clothing, but her bladder was starting to ache at the moment and she was not sure she would be able to last long enough against the pressure. Unohana, on the other hand, had ideas fly through her mind upon hearing Rukia's two requests, although her stoic countenance disguised that from the other woman's eyes.

Without saying another word, Unohana sat down on the bed next to Rukia, pulling the covers off the rest of the way so as to fully free Rukia from their confines. Rukia took this as a sign to go use the restroom and turned her legs over the side of the bed in order to do so. No sooner had her bare feet grazed the carpeting than Unohana had her hand gently placed upon the collarbone of the young noblewoman as a sign that she was not to get up yet. Without a wasted motion, the older woman's hand shifted under one of Rukia's armpit, while her other hand did the same under the other one, lifting Rukia into the air as if she weighed nothing and deposited the girl swiftly onto her own lap. Before Rukia had a chance to ask what was about to happen, Unohana placed a finger to her own lips to signal that she was to remain quiet. "What is about to happen is for your own good, Ms. Kuchiki, however much you may disagree for now." Unohana warned ominously. "Can…I at least use the bathroom first?" Rukia asked again, hoping for a reprieve. Normally she would have kept her mouth shut as Unohana had told her to, but her need to relieve herself was too much to just wait for however long this was going to take. "You can hold it," Came Unohana's curt answer nearly immediately.

Rukia knew better than to say anything else, Unohana was clearly determined and her anger was legendary in the Soul Society. More people were afraid of her than even the Captain Commander, it sometimes seemed like. She would just have to hold it in and hope that whatever berating or scolding Unohana was about to do was short and succinct. It was not as if there was much more she could say, she had already lambasted her for her actions so there was not much more to add, was there? Unohana said nothing more as she once again grasped the girl with both hands, this time with one arm under her knees and the other perpendicular to her spine. Rukia had no choice but to allow herself to be lifted and then shifted around until she was over Retsu's lap such that her behind was propped up in the air. She was baffled for a moment before she realized what was going on, the prospect to absurd for it to have come to mind any sooner than it had.

"W-wait! Let me go! You can't do this!" The proud Shinigami shouted, squirming in the grasp of Unohana despite her legacy of being terrifying to cross. The Captain's grip held firm, as if it was but a simple worm squirming in her arms. "I just warned you that you would not like this." Unohana calmly stated as if it was just a casual reminder. With a quick swipe of her hand, Rukia's padded brief was slid down her thrashing legs, causing the already embarrassed girl's face to blush even deeper. The cool morning air making contact with the newly exposed flesh only exacerbated the need for bladder relief, as nudity tended to do to people in that state. Rukia focused less on that and more on escaping this situation, however, completely flabbergasted that this respected Shinigami was subjecting her to such an indignity, and she had not even gotten to the worst part yet, and if Rukia was successful, she never would.

"I am of the Kuchiki household, my brother is the head of the Noble Kuchiki family, you cannot do this!" Rukia shouted, more of a panicked plea than the command that she had intended, "The family will not stand for this! My brother-" The thunderclap of Unohana's hand striking her bare behind cut off her empty threat, eliciting a yelp of pain. "Your brother's pride has rubbed off on you, but even he would be stricken with grief were you to die." Unohana spoke up, finishing Rukia's sentence with her own thoughts instead of the ones from Rukia herself. Retsu's guided palm found its target once more, leaving a red mark that faded slower than on the first strike and educing another shout of pain from the still thrashing Shinigami, as well as a few tears in her eyes. She did not want to cry, of course, but the older woman's strikes were just that powerful and painful upon her rear. "As would Captain Ukitake…and Orihime…and Uryu…and Chad…and Ichigo..." Unohana continued, punctuating each name with another strike on Rukia's ever reddening behind.

The young woman's thrashing had all but stopped now, leaving her sobbing from the intensity of the pain that continued to radiate outwards, her dignity and pride all but shattered by the half-dozen smacks. With each blow, Rukia focused less and less on her extreme need to relieve herself and more on the increasing painful, utterly humiliating event taking place, no longer even listening to the names that Retsu was speaking. And then it happened, on the ninth strike of the spanking, Rukia's bladder could hold no more. The pressure that had been building steadily had managed to pass the tipping point both by her lack of concentration as well as the force of each strike. The tears that streamed down her face were now not the only liquid that flowed in excess from her body, her lack of any clothing allowing the stream to fall onto Rukia's legs (ironically missing the incontinence brief entirely), Unohana's robe, as well as the bed they were on. The Captain was very surprised at the sudden spurt, shifting backwards as much as she could with the source of the fluid still on her lap. If it had been possible, Rukia would have been crying even more than she already was, but the spanking had already pushed her to the point of bawling so there was nowhere else to go. Unohana waited until the other Shinigami's bladder had been entirely emptied and then landed one last blow onto the blistered behind, stronger than the last by a fair amount as a punishment for the accident Rukia just had, a loud shriek of pain from the girl signaling that she had made her point.

"Well, I suppose that was partially my fault, as you did profess the need to relieve yourself beforehand…" Unohana began, speaking with a tone that was far too casual to be apt for the circumstances she had just orchestrated, "However, you should have been able to hold it in until we had finished. Your actions last night may have been childish, but I still expected more adult behavior out of you. I was planning on letting that spanking be the full reminder to take care of yourself better, but after that little display of utter immaturity, it seems I may need to enact further punishment…and you have given me the perfect idea…" Her words were ominous, terrifying Rukia to her very core. After getting her behind tanned and emptying her bladder involuntarily onto herself and her superior, what further punishment could Unohana have even come up with to make those feel less severe in comparison? Her mind boggled, even as Retsu lifted the girl off her lap and placed her in a standing position on the floor, allowing the Captain to stand up and better survey the damage Rukia had caused. The younger Shinigami's face was still as red and wet as a rain-soaked tomato as she sniffled and held her hands over her privates to hide them from view.

"Now, go stand in the corner over there while I go get a few preparations." Unohana commanded, pointing towards one of the corners of her guest room. "And keep that brief around your ankles. I do not want you wearing it while I am gone, but if there are any remnants in your bladder that need to be released, it will at least offer some protection for my carpeted floors if it remains in place." Rukia dared not argue with her, despite how much she wanted to shout that she was not a child who would dribble at the slightest hint of bladder pressure. She knew it would be futile and might even end with her back over Retsu's knee again, but it also did not seem like such a convincing argument after emptying herself uncontrollably during the spanking like she had just done. Rukia's thoughts were interrupted as the other woman began tapping her foot, a sign that she was waiting for her whims to be adhered to, and fearing further punishment, Rukia obliged, waddling her way over towards the corner as the padded brief crinkled ever so slightly with each step. "Now, if you move so much as an inch from the corner while I am away, you might wish you had perished yesterday…" Unohana threatened as she stepped out of the guest room, making Rukia realize that she would probably have just wet herself in fear had she not just relieved herself. She knew better than to disobey at this point, she merely stood facing the corner with her hands still over her privates, her throbbing behind a reminder of what Unohana was capable of and willing to do. The only thing she feared more than Unohana at this point, was what punishment she was planning on enacting.


Back at the field where Rukia had tried to train, fields and pillars of ice were still peppered everywhere. The reishi built into the ice that Rukia generated meant that it took much longer for the ice to melt at lukewarm temperatures than standard ice would. One pillar in particular began to shake violently before quickly shattering, disturbing the silence that had permeated the field moments earlier. A golden pillar of energy, much smaller than the ice column had been, faded away as a pair of violet eyes glowed in the shadow of the large tree that had previously been frozen over.

"It appears my Negación prevented that Shinigami from discovering me here…" It spoke, its voice deep and cruel sounding, "Good…" It knew not who the Shinigami was or anything about her, just that ice was its offensive capabilities and that the lingering reiatsu was not one that it would ever forget. It quickly cast another Negación over its form as it returned to its slumber, thinking about how good the Shinigami would taste when it ripped the flesh off its bones.
Rukia wakes up after her little blackout to find who saved her, and she gets more than a lecture for her actions.

Yes, I realize that recent manga developments make it so Unohana's personality might not match up too well anymore, but oh well, it is what it is.
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SkyDia Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Retsu's robe surely got it quite badly... twice. Lol I'd be rather mad as well. Though Rukia may not have deserved the punishment, it certainly seems to be effective. x3
Chuztox Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
Yeah, those poor robes. Never knew what hit them.
46Kibahime Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh... Ouch. Poor Retsu, I guess? I dunno who to feel more sorry for O.o
Chuztox Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Heh, I think Rukia got it a bit worse.
46Kibahime Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD probably...
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